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"Tammie was wonderful to us. She never hesitated to help us at any time. We constantly received faxes with information on new listings and changes on prices, etc. on old listings. We drove all over the countryside looking at homes for sale. Tammie was great at dealing with the people selling their homes. She has a way of making you feel like she's been your friend forever."

Lynn & Beverly Ryan, St. Louis, MO

"Our experience with Tammie Turner was the best real estate relationship we have ever had. Tammie remained flexible and efficient in going through the past listings to fit our new criteria, as well as new listings. We can truly say that Tammie always kept our best interest in mind, worked hard to see that we had all the needed information, and displayed exemplary follow through on all of the many requests and details needed to close our deal. We now wish she had a Kansas license so that when we sell our primary residence, she could represent us on that deal as well!"

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Marcell, Carbondale, KS

"It was our lucky day when we began working with Tammie Turner. We told her what we were looking for in lakeside retirement home and she began the search. We spent an entire day together looking for properties and we really "clicked." She just understood our style and financial parameters. We recommend her to anyone looking for a REALTOR. On a scale of 1-10, she's a 12!"

Jim & Debby Shirley, Lampe, MO

"We had experienced disappointments in looking for the perfect lake home in Branson until we found Tammie. She made the difference--the end result was a happy and successful one. Her professionalism, knowledge, and experience were what we had expected and had been used to in the past. We look forward to working with Tammie when we upgrade to a lakefront home."

Mike & Olive Wood, Vanzant, MO

"We would recommend Tammie Turner to anyone looking for a REALTOR in the Branson area. Her commitment to her clients' needs, knowledge of the market, and organizational skills were invaluable in helping the sale of our home go quickly and smoothly."

John & Shelly Akers, Branson, MO

"As a senior citizen, it was a comfort to know Tammie was looking out for our best interest in selling one of our properties. You can always trust her to answer your questions truthfully. We think she is the best!"

Richard & Rosella Combs, Branson, MO

"Tammie made our trip to find homes very inviting. It felt like she was our only friend in the Ozarks at the time. We didn''t know the area and, by gosh, she made sure we saw it all, so we could make a good decision. We have relocated to the Ozarks from Minnesota and love our lake home. Thanks to Tammie and her tenacity; we now enjoy warmer winters. "

Punky Fedora, Galena, MO

"We feel that we were very lucky in selecting Tammie Turner as our Real Estate Agent. She sent us a number of listings in our price range and spent many hours with us showing us several properties on different occiasions. Tammie paid close attention to our reaction to each of those properties until she knew just what we were looking for in a retirement home at Table Rock Lake, then she found the perfect home for us! We would certainly recommend Tammie Turner to anyone wanting to purchase a home or property in the Tri-Lakes area. She was great to work with and certainly kept our best interests in mind at all times. Tammie has become a good friend as well as our Real Estate Agent, and it's always nice to do business with a friend! "

Al & Evelyn Murfin, Ft. Worth, TX

"Our experience with Tammie Turner as our Realtor was the best sales experience we've ever had. She was dedicated to our needs as a client and did not hesitate to help. She was very prompt in returning all of my calls and messages and was always willing to take time for us. She was very flexible and honest and had our best interest at heart. I would give her an A+++ rating and recommend her to anyone!! "

Brenda Polke, Rockaway Beach, MO

"I wanted to find a house in Branson, MO. I lived in Las Vegas. So with no contacts, I went to the internet and found Tammie Turners web site. God was smiling on me that day. Tammie is not only a no-hassel real estate agent but one of the most caring and helpful people I have ever come across. If you are considering using Tammie as your agent, you won't be sorry! She will treat you like family and go beyond the best for you. Tammie, we can't thank you enough! "

Kevin & Amy Bleske